Truly Disturbing Revenge!

Perfect For Your Enemy

Let us ask you this - if you received a handwritten package in the mail, postmarked from a foreign country would you open it?

If this package contained an unmarked CD, with just the words "listen to me" written on it, would you play it?

Of course you would!

But how would you feel if the voice on the CD is one that you don't recognise and this voice is telling you something that you really don't want to hear?

Now, can you just imagine your ex's reaction - a totally anonymous and unmarked CD is sent directly to them from an untraceable overseas address and when they play it, they hear everything they've ever dreaded!

Their world has just been violated.

A complete stranger has just come into the sanctity of their home and told them their worst fears!

And this is exactly what they deserve, after all the crap that they've put you through!

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