Extremely Offensive!!!

Sometimes you just need something with that little extra punch!

And this is it - totally sick, totally twisted and way beyond what most of the world would call decent!

However, this is your ex that we are talking about - and they deserve this kind of extremely offensive and repulsive package.

Everything is sent totally, 100% anonymous with absolutely no identifying marks, branding or identifying features.

There is no way it can be traced - and believe me, this is important when you see what I'm going to send your ex!

Price: US $ 29.97       Average Customer Rating:

Gift Wrapped Dog Shit


If your Boss a worthless piece of shit, then without doubt,this is the perfect gift for them.

Each [fake, but realistic] turd will be beautifully gift wrapped, along with a hand written card saying whatever you want. How about something like this:


"I saw this and thought of you"


Can you imagine your Boss's reaction when they open up the box?!?!




Gift Wrapped "Used" Tampon


Let's be totally honest..


...your Boss is a complete c*nt

And this truly offensive package will leave them in no doubt whatsoever what people think about them.


Each "used" tampon will be lovingly presented in a gift box, with a hand written card saying whatever you want. How about something like this


"I saw this and thought of you"


How repulsed will your Boss be when they open the box?!




Gift Wrapped "Used" Condom


Another revolting gift for you Boss


Each condom is filled with a very life like substance that will disgust anyone who dares to look at it!

Like all our other sick products, this too will be beautifully wrapped with a message saying whatever you want. How about something like this:


"If your parents had used this, then you wouldn't be here "


I'm not sure about you, but I think I would want to puke if I opened this particular package!!




Soiled Underwear


Does your Boss disgust you?


If so, then this the perfect gift for them!

Your Boss will receive a completely harmless package and their curiosity will certainly be piqued when they start to open it...then imagine their horror when they discover what's inside!


Plus, you can put a personal message inside - something like this should get your point across:


"Next time, remember to wipe your backside you dirty piece of shit! "


The thought of this one is enough to make our stomachs churn, so how will your Boss react when they open it?!




Sexy Underwear


Definitely one to break up a relationship!!!


Addressed to your Boss's partner, this package will say more than words alone could possibly say

We recommend sending these with a message such as:


"Can you give these to Steve - he loves it when I wear them for him "


This tactic is guaranteed to cause a huge argument between your Boss and their partner...just a shame we can't put a video camera in the package to record it!!!




Bottle Of Piss


There's no mistaking this one


We will send your Boss a bottle of piss

And rather than having some nice cute wine label how about putting something like this:


"As no-one here would piss on you if you were on fire,
you might want to keep this close by - just in case


No matter how thick skinned your Boss is, this will definitely offend them!!!





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