Frequently Asked Questions


Before contacing us, we recommend that you review our FAQ for an answer to your question. Chances are that you can find your answer here.



Are you sure it's legal?

Absolutely. While some of the revenge tactics I've undertaken in the past have "sailed a little close to the wind" everything contained within this site is completely 100% legal. I have spent several years refining my revenge ideas to isolate the most effective ones which are also well within the law. The use of humour as a basis for revenge means that slander, libel and so on are not applicable. I have also sought independant legal advice just to make sure that absolutely nothing contained within the site is illegal.

What happens if the police order you to disclose information?

Quite simply - that can't happen.

This website operates anonymously from 3 different countries which are, shall we say, "non co-operative" when it comes to international law enforcement :-)

As a result, the police, or any other law enforcement agency, can only request our co-operation...which we deny!

All of our revenge products are actually legal in most of the countries in the world (except certain products are not legal in various Arab states - but as we can't be traced, who cares!)

As a result, because our products are legal, then no law is being broken so the law agencies have no grounds to get involved

Do you ever co-operate with the police?

There is only one situation where we will co-operate and that is when minors (aged under 18 years old) are the target.

As Nick did, we firmly believe that children should not be used as "weapons" or "pawns" in an adult's relationship.

In fact, we believe so strongly in this, that all profits from this site are actually donated to one of two children's charities in the UK and US

If we are supplied with evidence that our revenge tactics have been used against a minor, we will co-operate.

What about slander and defamation of character?

What about it?! :-)

On our site, you can say what you want. If your target finds out and gets upset, so what.

Because we operate from countries that are less than friendly towards international governments and law agencies, there is no way for us to be shut down or ordered to remove a comment.

Common decency though, does come into play and we do remove any comments from our site that incite illegal action such as death threats and threats of violence


How do you ensure anonymity?

We are paranoid about anonymity.

We know that many members want revenge but are fearful of repercussion from, say, a violent target.

As a result, everything that we do is untraceable back to us, and therefore back to you.

Nothing that we send out contains any distinguishing marks or clues as to it's origin.

Emails, sms's and faxes are sent from a variety of international and untraceable sources which have all been established using fake identities.

The cornerstone of our philosophy when helping people to get revenge is to ensure their safety and by being paranoid about anonymity, we believe that we have acheived that goal

My ex says they've got proof - how is that?

Your target is lying!

He/she is trying to call your bluff to see if you react.

Absolutely everything we do is anonymous - in fact, we're paranoid about it.

Obviously it's not unusual that your target is going to accuse you of doing something - but just deny everything. There is absolutely no proof whatsoever.

In fact, tell them to go to the police about it if they're so sure!

In a way, one of the great things about getting revenge anonymously is that it drives your target so mad trying to figure out who's behind it. They think it's you, they may even convince themselves of it - but the reality is, there is absolutely no way to prove it...after all, it could be one of your friends who's helping you out, or perhaps one of the many enemies your target has.

In our 8 years of doing this, no-one has even been found out - it's impossible. Your target is just trying to psych you out - well, go screw 'em...your revenge must be getting to them!!!

If you are anonymous, why do you offer order tracking?

The order tracking relates to the status of your order while we are processing it.

Obviously, we can't send postal items with tracking codes etc.

Consequently, the order tracking relates to the status of your order only - i.e. Pending or Completed.

Payment Methods

Which methods of payment do you accept?

We accept all major Visa & Mastercard credit and debits cards, as well as PayPal

Can I pay by cash, money order, bank transfer or check/cheque?

Unfortunately not.

Sending cash in the post is not a viable or secure option due to our international location.

Similarly, wire transfers or international cheque processing costs are unrealistically high for our product range - for targetample, to send $3 via Western Union will cost you an additional $25!

What will appear on my bank statement?

Your bank account will show "Cuddles4You" against your transaction.

Similarly, our payment screen will show "Cuddles4You" as well

Why must I press the "return to merchant website" button after making payment

When you pay for any of our revenge tactics it is important that once you've made payment, you press the "return to merchant website" button (which is an orange sort of colour)

By doing this, your order is then confirmed within our own internal system and it's this confirmation that actually "triggers" the order fulfillment process.

So, for targetample, if you have ordered an anonymous SMS, the message will be marked as "unconfirmed" until you return to our site, at which point it is set to "pending" which triggers the actual sending of your message.

Individual Products

How long does it take for an SMS to be sent?

As long as you remember to click the "return to merchant website" button on MoneyBookers once you've made payment, your SMS message is automatically placed into a pending queue.

Our software then "sweeps" the pending queue every 90 seconds looking for new messages to send.

Any messages which are queued are then sent.

As soon as your message has been sent, our system then sends you an email informing you of this fact.

On the rare occassion that our system gets "upset", messages may take longer to be sent.

What is the caller ID of the anonymous SMS message?

This varies on an almost message by message basis.

Because we are so paranoid about anonymity, we have several cell phones in secure locations in key foreign countries. When you order an SMS message, it will be sent from one of these phones.

Rest assured though, that we do not have phones in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand or South Africa - most of our phones are in the Eastern Bloc

What if someone replies to my SMS message?

Then we will email you to let you know what they've said.

As well as sweeping our pending queues for new messages to send, our system also looks for any replies on our various phones.

When a reply is found, our system automatically forwards the message on to you via email.

What happens if someone replies to the anonymous email I've sent?

With our anonymous email revenge tactic, you get to specify the senders name and email address.

Consquently, any reply that is made by your victim to the email, will be sent to the person you stated as the sender.

When will my fax be sent?

To ensure 100% anonymity, faxes are sent manually by our special fax machine that has no caller ID settings, either on the fax itself or our phone line.

We send faxes as soon as we physically can - after all, given international time zones, we may be asleep when you order.

Typically though, faxes are sent within 12-15 hours at the latest.

Let us phone your ex

We will make three attempts to speak to the person you have asked us to call, after we will leave a voicemail.

Order Tracking

What is the status of my order?

To check the status of your order, simply click on the "Order Tracking" link at the top of any page within the Get Revenge On Your Ex website.

You will then be asked to enter your order number, which you can find on your order confirmation email.

If you cannot find your order confirmation number, then enter your MoneyBookers order reference number - it's the same thing

How long do postal items take to arrive?

All postal items - letters, card, packages etc - are sent by priority international airmail from Paris, France

You can realistically targetpect the item to arrive between 3 and 7 working days once dispatched.

As soon as we've posted an item, our system automatically lets you know that your revenge is on it's way

Why have I not received a confirmation email for my order?

The most likely cause is that you did not press the "return to merchant website" button on MoneyBookers website.

As a result, your order is held in "limbo" until we audited our payment records, which we typically do twice a day.

Do not worry though, as soon as we've found your order it will be processed as normal.

Why don't you use postal tracking

Simple! Because it's not anonymous




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